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MapExtender style overwriting? Can't load any style +16 days ago


Hello, I’m using MapExtender which works perfect but I can’t change the style of the map.

The map in my editor looks as I want, and when the page loads the map it opens my style during 1 sec and then goes to default style (I believe it’s because map extender plugin is overwriting with the default style).

How I can fix this please to fit with my design.


Hello, @scmuses,

Thank you for reaching out!

No, you are doing everything right, and as you mentioned probably map exterior is overwriting the style. We will check the plugin and will do our best to solve this issue. I will let you know when we will have a solution.

Best Regards,


Thank you very much! As you seen you posted in 1 min and I’m already writing my answer because this breaks my design and needs to use my style to make it look as I want (so for me this is critical).

Thank you.


Up! Any news for this? Thanks


Hello @scmuses,

Our developers have checked the plugin and unfortunately, there is no quick solution for the encountered issue. Currently, we are developing an update for the plugin that will allow using mapextender without overwriting the styles. I will let you know when the updated version will be available.

Best Regards,


Hello, @alex.grimacovschi thanks for your answer. I can understand if waiting for other changes to push an update but I don’t understand what you mean with there is no quick solution when there is a very quick solution that wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to code it.

Just add a field in the plugin box to copy our style and in the case, this field is not empty load custom style if it’s empty just load the default one as it’s doing right now.

Would be possible to get an ETA for this small update? We just need to add our custom style (it should be something important in the plugin) otherwise there’s no way to match the design with the current map’s style.



Hello @scmuses,

​I am sorry if my answer has misled you. When saying there is no quick solution I was referring to the need for time for adding the functionality and pushing the update. Our team is doing their best to provide the update in the short run. I will let you know the update will to be available.

Best Regards,


Hello @alex.grimacovschi, I appreciate your answers but 11 days later still having the issue with this paid plugin.

An update like this should be something very simple to fix.

I really need this feature, my project is paused because of this.

This plugin name is map “extender” so it extends what bubble can’t do, but actually is blocking one of the main features that maps offer which is the possibility to select the style of the map that you want to use.

I have seen other plugins get updated in 1-7 days, but we are now near two weeks waiting for a simple update.

Very good plugins but bad support experience at all…


Dear @scmuses,

Please accept our apologies for the delay in providing the update. We are extremely sorry for taking so long. Unfortunately due to holidays updating the plugin is taking longer than expected. Our team is doing its best to cover all requests ASAP. We will notify you when the update will be published.

Once again sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,


@alex.grimacovschi So basically another week with no updates. I can’t believe that I have seen people posted issues with other plugins 2 days ago and an update has been submitted.

What’s going on??? Why an easy update is taking so much time??? We are talking about a map EXTENDER THAT is REMOVING a native map feature!!!

This is a terrible experience for a paid service.
Very disappointed. Only sorry answers and we are working on it. I can clearly say they are not working on it otherwise this would be already fixed.

Can someone fix this? @levon @Dumitru


Hello @scmuses

Sincere apologies for created situation, however as my colleague mentioned we’re still working on update the plugin with the requested features.
As well the team was out of office for holidays which should be understandable. :pray:
I could assure you we’ll provide the update shortly in due time, once we check the product before pushing it live.
I’ve taken the update under my control to make sure everything’s on track.

Please bear with us here, and thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:



@scmuses Hello!

Thanks for patience and understanding.

We pushed the update to live, should be available now. Please upgrade the plugin to latest version, place the element on page, set up the proprieties for the element, refresh the app and give it a try. :pray:

Be sure to use MapExtender Element for custom map styles :slight_smile: :




Hello @Dumitru, map extender targets to a selected map using the id right?.
So why if I decide to use a normal bubble map without the plugin the map never loads if there’s another map using the extender?

I want to use Bubble default feature “map center address” (exposed state) to get the current centered address of the user.

(In my opinion, this should be available as this plugin name is an extender, so it should only +add new actions/features instead of removing the default ones).

However, I believe it will be much much FASTER if I use Bubble default map instead of asking for this feature I can’t wait for 18 days too.

Can you please check why Mapextender is killing non-targeted maps?


@Dumitru thanks for the update, I can use my style now. But I’m still experiencing issues with the maps extender plugin…

The add directions action is not working properly. Is drawing lines from different addresses.
I have created a demo with A to B(can’t be edited).

You have to put in the A: Bloc Almo 3 and press the blue button.
I have added an added mark to A (which works fine, it detects the correct position of the address). But the draw action draws the A from another point instead of from the mark on the map.

I’m 100% this happens with other addresses too.

Demo page: https://partners.best-transport.ro/version-test/test2map

Vid of the issue:


Up! Did you see my message? @Dumitru @alex.grimacovschi

Need help


Hello @c6648481

I’m afraid that is not possible. The plugin idea is to be used with a Bubble map element in concordance, however the plugin does not interact with Bubble Map element, states, actions/events since it can not access it!
The plugin will re-render the map with it’s own configuration proprieties, with new actions/events.
Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Hello @scmuses

Sorry for late response, we’ve seen the message regarding the encountered issue.
The current location issue you’ve encountered is related to Bubble and how the framework draws specific addresses on map.
When you’re setting the Input with Content format as Address, you’ll get the location display in a different point on the map. As you can see the example below:

In order to get the correct address point location, for the Input element use Content format as Text, which should display the correct marker while writing the exact address.
Please try this out in order to get it working.



I’m not using input element, i’m using searchbox with geographic places to display multiple options. Where I should use the format as text? I’m using a searchbox because users type address but needs to be a real address, that’s why has to be a geographic places content type.



As mentioned above, that is a Bubble issue still. The geographic address which is returned is wrong on Bubble side.
In the demo setup, we are using simple inputs formated as text to get the marker point set.
Could recommend you, use this way as well in your application.
Hope this helps.


We have sent a report to bubble too. Do you recommend something else to ask them to find the issue? I have described the issue as maximum possible using what you have described, but if you want to add something will send them too.


I believe that’s all information we’ve seen. You could reference the Google’s Address location service and the result of the search (Bloc Almo 3, Șoseaua Mihai Bravu, Bucharest, Romania) which may help them find the issue faster: https://www.google.com/maps
Hope this helps. :pray: