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Maps Extender Issues


Hi Alex,
thank you for the feedback. I’m currently in personal and not professional at this stage. Give me a while and when I’m ready I’ll come back to you.

Thanks for the input so far


Hi Alex,
Edited. Didn’t have map extender starting on page load which was impacting maps ability to load/be visible. But, I’m finding that the extender elements can prevent Map plugin markers from being visible.



Hi Alex,
I’ve been playing around with this to try and get this to work.

  • Map Extenders added markers cannot apply an action to open an element/popup. Is it possible to add this element? I cannot find such a function to do this. (bubble maps marker actions do not work for extender)

(I’ve removed all Maps generated markers and switched to map extender generated markers - this has helped solve my issue extender was impact bubble maps markers to load)


Hello @j.worthington,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We will add the functionality of triggering the actions when the Map Extender’ Marker is clicked. I will let you know when the update will be ready.

Best Regards,