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Marketo - pricing query

Hi there,

I’m looking into using the Marketo template.

Is the $199 price a one-off payment or an annual fee?

Also, will I be able to use this template multiple times? (e.g. in case I make errors with my customisations and realise I need to revert back to the original template)



Hello @mike4

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, the price is one time payment for the template license.

Yes, it is possible to use template for an unlimited number of applications.

More info about version control, you could read here:

More about marketplace policies, you can read here:

Please note, that there are different types of licenses for templates usage. Be sure to read about them in the link above.

  • Standard Template License.
  • Developer Template License.

Also you could read about the Bubble pricing policies here:


Hope this helps :pray:


Hi Dumitru,

Thanks for the above - really useful.

Last question:
I’m looking at the course for building a marketplace - will this create a marketplace of the same quality as the Marketo template?



Hello Mike @mike4

Thanks for checking back with us.

If by chance you’ve meant the course provided on our Lab portal?

If so, then you’ll create a marketplace the likes of AirBnB. The Marketo template is designed for selling both physical and digital goods and the template integrates Stripe for split payments, allowing the platform to facilitate payments between the buyer and seller while owner keeps any commission.