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Marketo Strip Split Payments Setup

Hello, I recently purchased the Marketo template, and I am attempting to configure the Stripe split payments setup.

To this point I’ve followed the set up guide, including the one to get Strip set up. I am attempting to add a workflow which charges a user when clicking the Pay Now button in their cart.

I check the button “The payee of this transaction is another user”. When selecting the payee in the “Tras. Payee” section I get stuck. Ultimately, it looks like the data I’m attempting to gather is a list of users, whereas this requires a single user.

This leads me to a few questions:

  1. Do split transactions and single payee transactions need to be separate workflows? If so do you have documentation on any of this?

  2. How do I configure this workflow to accept multiple users if not?

Any documentation, or other forum links I’ve been able to find would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi @trey, thanks for reaching out.

I’m afraid that as your case more relates to the customization works, and the used plugin is made by Bubble, it would be beyond my responsibilities as a support team member to provide guidance through this.
Allow me to recommend checking and searching on the Bubble forum, as well as see the Stripe plugin documentation: Stripe - Bubble Docs

Sorry for not being helpful much. In case there will be any questions about the template’s default features, please let me know.