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Marketo Template | Best way to bulk upload products by seller?

Hi Zeroqode Team,

I’m working with the Marketo template. I have an old version of my website where sellers uploaded products with pricing, images, etc. This data has been downloaded into a CSV file.

What is the best way to move this content over to the Marketo template so that each item is correctly tagged to the corresponding seller?

Specifically, I noticed the Marketo template was designed with a data field under “Items” called “Created By” but this field is NOT editable.

I hope there’s a way to upload my former website’s product listings so that sellers don’t have to re-upload all of their products again manually.

Thank you!


Hello, @nrovall
Thanks for your question.

Please note that exporting data to your Bubble App is possible. However, you need to subscribe at least to a Personal subscription plan on the Bubble:

After proceeding with the subscription, you will find this button in your DB section:

Yes, you can’t edit the Creator of the entry. This is a built-in field in the DB, so it cannot be modified.

Hope this information will be useful for you.
Best regards,

Hi Ecaterina,

I think you may have misunderstood my question.

I am trying to upload products TO my Bubble.io app from a CSV file.

But because I cannot edit the “Creator” — How can I upload products and organize them by seller?


Hello, @nrovall

Please note that the field “Creator” is out of the user’s control. However, as a workaround, I can advise you to create another field called MadeBy, for example, with the type user. Then you can add manually the real creator of your shop.

It will help you to upload all the data from the CSV file and save all the information in the required way.

Hope this solution will be helpful for you.
Best regards,

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