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Marketo Template — Order not showing up in "Orders"

Hi Team —

I have a new issue with the Marketo template that I’m hoping you can help me with!

Today, I received an order from a customer but the order does not show up in the vendor’s portal (Papa Shrimp Aquatics) nor does it show up in the database under “All Orders.”

See below.

The order does show in “All Logs” and DID come through Stripe. That’s the only way I know an order was placed.

But I’m confused why it wouldn’t show up in my seller’s dashboard nor in the app’s data?

Thank you! @gulce.besel Tagging you as you were very helpful with my last Marketo template issue.


Hi @nrovall,

Thanks for reaching out!

Let us check what might be the issue, as soon as the investigation is completed, I’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, can you please record a video showing the issue that you have on your side? Also, the screenshots of your setup - template settings would be great. :pray:t2:

Looking forward to your reply.


Loom recording of the issue from the seller’s dashboard

Can you clarify what you need from my template settings? There’s a lot within settings and the support e-mail address for Zeroqode is already added as a user on my Bubble app so you should be able to login and see how its all setup.

Thank you,


Hello @nrovall,

Thank you for pointing out that we still have access to your app. I’ve passed your case and the video you’ve provided to our developers, and I’ll get back to you once I have any news.


Hi again! @nrovall

We’ve checked your app and here is the result.

When the user places an order, first the log and then the order is created in the “paysellernew” workflow. So, the problem is when we receive an order, a log can be created, but a new order cannot be created. Please see the screenshots below:

In this case, you need to check all the capacities in the seller’s stripe account and check if all capacities are allowed for the seller. Because right now, the seller cannot accept the order, basically. And, that’s why we cannot see the order.

Hope it helps.


Aha! Thanks for resolving this issue. Yes, that makes sense because I created a custom workaround for vendors to not have to sign up with Stripe right away.

Will create an e-mail sequence to remind them to complete their Stripe sign ups ASAP.

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You’re always welcome! @nrovall

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face: