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Marketplace connect plugin configurations

I’ve recently purchased access to the Stripe marketplace connect plugin. I’m interested in building a service-based marketplace, similar to Fiverr.

Using the Zeroqode docs, I’ve managed to successfully register new merchants across my marketplace, as well as allow users to store their own credit card details.

I’ve also created a workflow to charge users, then maintain a % of this sale as a platform commission fee. I’m unsure, however, if this workflow has been properly configured.

I’ve followed the relevant docs, as well as used the demo editor, but just wanted to verify if there’s anything I’m missing.

  1. The first step in my workflow links a customers current credit card.

  1. After this, I’m using the ‘seller charge customer event’, then I’m showing a custom popup with a success message.

Within my demo preview, if I was to use a test credit card from Stripe, would it still process the payment through the plugin?

When I look to then retrieve a list of all the charges across my marketplace, I’m unable to see any stored entries.

Would love to know if there’s something I’m missing here.

Would appreciate any insights.

Hi @lachlankirkwood1, thanks for reaching out and plugin purchase.

if you indicated right all API credentials - yes. The transaction result will be available on the Stripe dashboard.

Please be sure to use the right data to insert in corresponding fields:

Hope it helps.


Apologies for the late response.

This is great, it worked a treat. Appreciate you taking the time to explain.

I just had one last query about the payouts side of the experience.

Is there a way to change the scheduled duration of payouts to a merchant from Stripe e.g. to each week, or each month. I wasn’t able to find anything in the documentation.

Would appreciate any insights.

Dear @lachlankirkwood1, you’re welcome :wink:

Kindly note that this feature is directly related to Stripe itself and can be managed from your dashboard.
Please find more details here: https://stripe.com/docs/payouts

Hope it helps.


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