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Marketplace course - problem with parameter URL


I am following the marketplace course.

Instead of displaying products, I want to display the users (it is a marketplace for users, so to say).

Now I run into the following problem.

From the search page, I want the person to click to redirect to the displayed profile (which I called ‘profielen’).

In group settings, I have to fill in the type of content. Which is user
Then I do a search for users, as mentioned in the tutorial, constraint: id = get data from page url.

Which is called ‘id’. In the course this works, but my Bubble app says that this is not complete.

Tried all the options. What are the exact steps I should take? I think the online course is a little outdated, because it doesn’t show the same functions as Bubble currently has.

I would really appreciate your help, this has been bugging me for a few days…

Hello! Can you please specify the lesson number and minute where this moment is shown?

Instead of dealing with URL we recommend you this solution, hope it will work for you :slight_smile:

Create a new workflow when you click on a user. Step 1 should be Navigation -> Go to page. Choose the destination page with data to send “Parent groups’ User”. Be sure that the destination’s page type of content should be the same as the parent’s group.

It is course 9, shown around 6:00

I don’t see that, what am I doing wrong?

Right now you might not have “Parent’s group” option because the results of the search page should come from the database, they should be dynamic. After that, you’ll be able to create a workflow whereby clicking on the parent’s group item you can choose destination page with parent’s group data displayed.