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Materialize CSS - Datepicker Question

Hi Zeroqode team,

I’m running into a potential issue when working with a Materialize Datepicker field whose Initial Date value is dynamically populated. More specifically, the issue occurs when the Initial Date value is null.


The issue is that when clicking on the Datepicker field when the conditions above are met, the Datepicker Calendar is not launched. When the initial date value is populated everything works. Just not when the Initial Date is null.

Is this expected behavior or is there something else going on?

After typing this all out… I thought I could fix this by employing Conditional logic to handle empty date values and setting the Initial Date to Current date/time. However when doing this is the page seems to crash.


When the configuration above is active the page shows the following error:

When removing the Conditional logic the page loads fine.


We’ll check this out. Thanks for understanding.


Hi @liran.

We pushed an update for the plugin, please upgrade. Now even if you have null as initial date value it’ll work starting current day.
Also, as always you could check the demo to try it out - https://zeroqode-demo-12.bubbleapps.io/materialize

Zeroqode Team.