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Materialize CSS - New Plugin


Just bought the new Materialize CSS and it’s pretty impressive. Awesome job!

I noticed that after activating the plugin my Multi Dropdown Select fields picked up an overlay on top of them.

To confirm the issue, I deleted Materialize CSS, and the Multi Dropdown was fine. Re-enabled the Materialize CSS and it’s happening again.

Let me know if you need any additional information.

@liran thanks, we’ll check it out

we have fixed this bug, please instal the plugin’s latest version, refresh the browser and give it another try

@levon thanks for the quick turnaround!

I went to my plugins page, and selected the new version (1.2). Then went to refresh my page.

Unfortunately, I’m still seeing the same issue as before:

Here are some additional steps I’ve taken aside from upgrading the plugin:

  • Uninstalled the plugin completely then reinstalled it
  • Cleared local browser cache, closed tab, opened tab again

Neither one of these attempts could eliminate the overlay. Also confirmed with plugin deleted the overlay did not appear.

Thank you. Really appreciate your help.

One more thing that may be worth knowing… My Multi Dropdown Select inputs are employing a Custom Style I configured.

it might be related to Bubble, we’ll reach out to them, meanwhile one last thing you could try to do is to move the element one pixel right and then back. Sometimes it helps to reinitialize the code.

@levon just tried that, but unfortunately, no luck

Thanks, appreciate your reaching out to Bubble.

Hi there @levon,

I see your team has pushed out several updates. Unfortunately however it seems my issue with the overlay on top of the multi picker is persisting.

Are you and the team still working on this?

we couldn’t replicate the issue on our side i’m afraid @liran but we’ll check again

@levon thanks for the reply.

Let me know what if anything I can do to help. Your plugin is instrumental to my app but I’m afraid I can’t go live with all my multi dropdowns in this state.

Would be happy to jump on a screen share or provide you all my active plugins if needed.

What does it look like without your style additions? Can you please supply a screen shot of your custom style settings.




Hi @jarrad,

I removed the style addition on Engine Type and this is what it looks like:

However, I suspect what I really need to do is strip out all the formatting. So I replaced the element with a new multi dropdown without any custom styling applied and this is what it looks like when I do that:

Style settings:

Let me know if you need more information.

I have made an edit to the css file, this should get rid of the grey box. Just waiting for it to be published.


That’s awesome. Thanks. Will let you know once I update whether this is still an issue.

It has been published, please upgrade to plugin’s latest version and refresh your browser before giving it another try.

@levon, @jarrad,

The issue is fixed. Thank you. Really appreciate the hard work that went into fixing this issue.

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