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Meditation template today functionality not working

Hey team,

I am using the full version of the InnerSpace meditation template (incl. admin panel). I’ve already uploaded a few categories and meditations, and now I wanted to populate the For today and Start now sections on my home page, here: https://bliskhealth.com/

The way I wanted to achieve this is by:

  1. Going to the Admin panel
  2. Go to Content menu
  3. Edit the For today and Start now blocks
  4. Choose the meditations I want to assign
  5. Hit save

In the end nothing changed, the selected meditations weren’t saved.

See screenshots below.

I am using Chrome as a browser.
I’ve checked the console and there’s no error message.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @barabasi.csongi96,
Thanks for reaching out!

First of all, please make sure to change the access field value to yes in the All AccessTemplates tab.


Another possibility to consider is whether there is a missing workflow step. Please take a look at the screenshot below and compare it to your own setup. You can also create a new template copy and compare the flow in step-by-step mode.


If this doesn’t help, could you please share a video with the issue reproducing (please include debugger (in step-by-step mode) (here or via DM). :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,