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Memberships Template - Payment Workflow Issues


Hi, I’m looking over the payment workflows and there are multiple things here that don’t seem right to me. 3 Questions.

  1. The recurring API workflow has “charge the current user” action in it, and not the “charge a user using saved CC” wouldn’t that mean the user needs to enter their info again 1 month later? We never use the “save cc” action.

  1. When setting the recurring monthly payment, the workflow thing is just the first payment item within that tier, that does not guarantee the right payment?

  1. On the checkout page, it says the following:


But that is just not true, it does not start the 1st of the month, it starts at the current date/time.



Hello, Marcus.

We’ll look into the template the moments you’ve encountered problems and offer an insight on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding.


Hello, @marcus.

We pushed an update to the template which solve the issues you’ve encountered. Sorry for a delay.

The payment was changed from the User who paid it for the content and not from the Current User. We set the CC saving of the payee. We set up the Workflow API to permanently pay for the user within a month without entering CC data again for recurring charge.

Everything is set up properly, filtered and paid for that particular Tier that is selected, in workflow it is indicated the filter that selects the correct Tier and not the other at random within the parent group.

We have modified UI text for the user which reflects, the extraction of money on the card will be over one month from the current date when the payment was paid.

Here are the screens of changes in workflow also for the text during checkout:

Zeroqode Team.


Thanks, although there’s another problem.

When you save a users CC info they have to enter that info again.
You can make it so they only have to save CC info and not charge right away but that makes them just add a card at checkout, and the button does not say “Pay”.

That’s why I tried to use Stripe.js which should make it possible, currently learning that.


Hi, Marcus.

The logic of the current workflow is that a user which saves the CC info into app, it’ll be used during he recurring payment every month at the current date of first payment day via the api workflow when paying for the product/service on platform.
However when a user is paying for another service on the platform he’s gonna enter info again for the other product as well, but after that the recurring api workflow comes in and charges the user for service/product.
That’s how the Stripe will work for our case.

I’m not sure I follow the problem you’ve encountered, could please add details sceenshots of workflow.


I tested it on my stripe platform account, maybe you should too…

When buy something you first enter your cc info at the “charge user” workflow then again at the “save cc info” workflow.

Either way, I got it working using Stripe.js now, so I don’t need this.