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Mercado Pago plugis Error

Hello I have a problem when implementing the mercado pago plugins, when installing the tokens throws an error says : Malformed access_token bad request and the tokens I use are the market pay both the production and the test throws the same error,¿someone who could help me implement the plugins in production and in test?

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Hello, @carlos. Thanks for reaching out.

Apologies for the delayed reply :pray:
Your issue is being in the investigation process, managed by our team. When there will be any update, I inform you asap.

Thank you for your understanding.

it’s terrible that they sell a plugins with so many bugs!!


We are sorry that you have faced a bad experience while implementing our plugin :pray:

If you check the plugin’s Demo, you may notice the correct settings of this plugin and a preview mode proves that it is fully workable.

To assist you with the issue you are facing and check where the root cause is located, please add our Support email as a collaborator of your app. Will it be comfortable for you? [email protected]