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Mercadolibre - Autentication and refresh token

Hello before buying the plugin I would like to know if it contains the authentication flow and refresh token easily configurable or if it does not bring it incorporated because I am stuck in this topic a month ago

In case you don’t have it, I would need help from you.
Thank you

using this plugin might need help from Mercadolibre support team. Did you try contacting them? The plugin is very complicated and might not be easy without their help

I have already done all the CRUD with api connector but for some reason I can not solve the issue of authorization and refresh token so I asked if that has the plugin incorporated but it does not help me … if I solve that it would already be working (I am from Argentina )

First, sorry for my bad English. I’m brazilian.

I bought the Mercado Libre plugin, $ 40, but I didn’t find any documentation regarding the plugin. The API of Mercado Libre I already know, I already have an application written in Python integrated and Mercado Livre, I don’t want support from Mercado Libre, I need support regarding the plugin. How to use the plugin? Don’t have any documentation?