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Miro/realtime Board-Like Functionality


Hi, I asked a similar question to this about a year or two ago on the Bubble forum. I then stopped using Bubble. At the time I was interested in creating an app which included Miro (Realtime board) type functionality. I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar since. As in, creating editable ‘notes/cards’ that can be linked with an arrowed line?

In my case, the application would be for creating a kind of site-map/storyboard. A series of cards which can be linked, visually.

Are there any plugins anyone is aware of or methods, workflows that could do something similar? My best guess so far would be something maybe based on a kanban board, although the connecting lines still elude me. I know Go.js is the usual go to but I don’t know how to program in Javascript.

Any guidance would be gratefully received. Thanks.


Hey Tony, we were toying with an idea to create a template similar to webjets.com but it seems like a lot of custom js would be required. We’ll see if we could build a plugin that would make it easier.
Won’t happen fast though


Hi Levon, that would be fantastic!! Please keep me posted. I’d be really excited to see that. That link doesn’t seem to load for me, mate (says website cant be reached) - keen to see what webjets is. Thank you for spending the time to respond.


sorry here is the right link https://www.webjets.io/


Aha, it’s webjets.io ! Yes, just found that, thanks again!


Hi Levon, yes, the linking of the cards with the wavey line is exactly what i’m after. 100% definitely. I’ll wait, eagerly for anything that you produce that’s like this!!! Good luck with it too.


Did you happen to find a solution to this in the interim?

I am really interested in achieving exactly the same result myself!


Hi Shaun, no I never found a simple, interim solution. I started to look at creating plugins with the grand idea of creating a go.js type plugin. Cut a long one short though - I didn’t even get round typ starting it as I’ve still got so much else to cover off before I’m even near that stage.