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Missing images in Contractor demo


Just to let you know there are some missing images in the Contractor demo. The debugger show the following with 404 errors:




Hi, thanks for reporting,
can you show some screenshots of what you see please?
Thanks again!

It’s the images for ‘Legal’ category. Please see the screenshot showing console.

would you reccomend this

I can’t really give an opinion yet as I haven’t used it very extensively. I can say that right now I’m finding it difficult to see the workflow of the app as there is no overall ‘flow chart’ or ‘map’ view of the logical sequences - but this is probably more a current limitation of bubble. I understand that the available documentation for this template will be expanded to include video. It should become easier to work out what is going on then.

Well we will have to chase up editing videos and help editing via a collaborator

@plato39 this has been fixed.
thanks again for reporting it.
please let us know if there is anything else we can help

Hello Levon

I think you recently updated Contractor template - just to let you know some images in the demo are missing again as previously described.

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Hi there @plato39

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll check this out.