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Mobile Menu inside Header (reusable item)


The mobile menu doesn’t work when I place inside the header (reusable item) on my template.
If I place on a regular page (outside of the header) it works fine.

Am I missing something?



hi Caio, we’ll check this out


Hi Caio,
we have fixed this issue,
please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version, refresh the page and give it another try


Thanks Levon but I’m still getting the error
You can see on the photo that it shows up like a unstyled list



Levon, it’s not working on mobile browser. I tested on my galaxy and iphone. I restarted both phones and cleaned the cache but no luck


Hi Levon, I uninstall the plugin and installed again (also removed and added again the element) and seems that is working fine now.

the one problem I see now is that the menu is showing up behind my floating group


Seems we are getting this issue when using the reusable element on other pages. Seems to work fine for our index pages. error


@omar & @caioprezia
we’d need access to your apps to catch this behaviour - please add [email protected] as a collaborator and point us where to look
we couldn’t replicated this in our demo app, it’s working fine for us