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Modify Daty to only show profiles with certain values as options

I am using the Daty template but want to make 2 modifications that I am not sure how to make:

  1. If you “swipe left”/reject someone, they should not disappear forever, but rather cycle through to the bottom of the card stack.

  2. I don’t want all users to appear in the stack of cards. There is a special “yes / no” field that I added to the User type that I would like to manually set as the admin for each user. And only if the value I set for the user is “yes” should they appear in the card stack. The Users with a value of “no” will be able to use the app to look at the cards of the other users.

Hello @hi12

Thanks for reaching out!

  1. I believe this is not possible with the current iteration of the plugin which seems to have its limits.
    However, this information may help you create a workaround using states and conditionals.

  2. Think you could try and apply constraints when you do a search for the user by filtered by the respective field for the Tinder Plugin

Something like this where Boolean is the special field:

and using Conditional to show the users with “no” field when it is required.

Would recommend you to check bubble forum: https://forum.bubble.io/search?q=tinder%20pile%20
regarding how to set Tinder Pile.
Also check Reference: https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.jtinder.TinderPile

Hope this helps :pray: