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Modular Text & Docs Editor has no pictures and videos(

Hey! I bought the plugin Modular Text & Docs Editor because this is exactly the functionality that I need. However, I found that it lacks the declared functionality: it does not allow adding photos and videos. Or am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for reaching us.

First of all, please note that the plugin works correctly and you can work with images in your application. However, we did not specify on our Demo page or in the Documentation that the plugin works with video content.

Make sure that you have checked the plugin documentation to investigate the structure and main features of the current template set up :


Since Modular text and Docs editor plugin works only with pasted image URLs, please replicate settings from my screenshot:

After it, please enter “Preview” and place in the indicated field the Image URL:

Hope it will help you.

Thanks for the answer. I have taken a close look at the documentation and demo page. This does not solve the problem. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. However, please note that you cannot attach a photo on your demo page either. Moreover, the type of url you are referring to is actually the text in your demo. I also reflected this in the screenshot.

Hello, @rshatskiy
Thanks for your question.

We apologize for this misunderstanding. You can indeed display both images and video content using this plugin, but only via the text formatted as JSON.

You should have stored in your database the text formatted in JSON that contains the image/video data.
Please find the video below, which for sure will help you to understand the plugin work:

Please pay attention to the fact that the Data source of the plugin element should be in a JSON format only.

Hope my answer will help you.

Thanks for the answer and the video. I was able to display a picture when I added the json to the database. However, my question is, how do I add a picture via the plugin UI? Is it possible?

Hello, @rshatskiy
Glad to hear that my answer helps you.

Unfortunately, you can’t just upload an image/video via the plugin interface.
You can only display content, that was stored in your database, but not download from any available resource.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

This is very sad news, because photos and videos are shown at the plugin presentation. :worried: However, their actual use for work is not available. Please consider creating such a function by the developers. This will make the plugin much more useful.

Hello, @rshatskiy

Allow me to highlight that images and video on Plugin’s Demo Page are demonstrated as possible objects that can be used by our plugin. So, this is indeed possible, but as was mentioned, you should have stored in your database the text formatted in JSON that contains the image/video data.

Having them on the plugin’s Demo Page does not mean you can upload them from the UI.

All these points are indicated in the Plugin Documentation: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/block-styled-editor-like-gitbook-plugin

Apologies for the inconvenience. :pray:
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