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In regards to the Mouse & Element Position plugin, https://zeroqode.com/plugin/mouse---element-positions-+-move--draggable-elements-1533644100426x240552102856491000, is there a way to query an elements position on page load? I seem to only be able to get the element’s position after its been dragged. I’m still trying to get a report for my variable height Repeating Group that has a text field that says “page X of Y” When I read the description of this plugin that said I could get “the X, Y position of elements Live” I thought that I would put an element below my RG so its position changes depending on what is displayed in my RG and then I would take the resulting X position and divide it by the number of pixels on a standard 8.5x11 piece of paper and therefore I could determine how many pages my report is. However, like I said, this plugin only queries the XY position after its been dragged and only relative to its original post-load position. Do you have a way to get the position relative to the page without moving the element?


@accounting Hello.

we’ll check this out if possible and be back to you asap.
thanks for understanding.


I appreciate you acknowledging my question and look forward to receiving an answer. Thank you.


Hi there, we have updated the plugin and
Added 2 new states:

Queried X Page Position
Queried Y Page Position

please upgrade, refresh the page and give it a try


I’ve only had a few minutes since you pushed your update to look at this, but it seems to be doing the Query X/Y position as requested. Thank you! I hope to have some more time for my app at the end of the week and I’ll let you know if I’m able to parlay this into responsive page numbers.


I wanted to let you know that I was able to use this Query X/Y position to create page numbers for my variable-height repeating groups. I’m doing two things with this:

  1. Text on the first page to the effect of “this contract is Y pages long.” -
    This was fairly easy to achieve with your workflow to Query X/Y position. I put an invisible shape with a height of 1 immediately below my repeating group and used that to effectively query the rendered page height. I divided the result by the height of a standard page (1280 with my page margins at least) to get the total number of pages.

  2. Text on each individual page that says “page X of Y.”
    This was more complicated. A little background on my data. It is organized like this: A single Project has one or many Options and each of those Options have one or many Details (RTE/Multiline Input box that is specifically tailored to each Project depending on the scope of services we are providing).

To get make the report print page numbers on each page, I made a repeating group of my Current Page Project:converted to list and within that I placed two additional Repeating Groups. The first one is RG-Option and fills most of the page in width. The second one is narrow repeating group on the right side of my page that contains my Page X of Y textbox.

Some background on the data source of the second RG. I made a workflow that sets a custom state (Page Count) to the main RG-Project to a number equal to the total number of pages on the report as described in my first bullet point. Then I also created a new Data Type called Page Numbers that only has one field, a number field called Page Numbers. I filled that data table with manual New Entries of Page Number things 1, 2, 3, etc. So the data source for this RG-Page Number is Search for Page Numbers items until RG Project’s Page Count. And the data for the textbox within the RG-Page Number is Current Cell’s Index + 1 of RG-Project’s Page Count. I used the +1 because the first page is actually filled with boiler plate contract text (plus the text from the first bullet point, the total contract price, etc.).

A couple of more things about the the formatting of this: 1. The height of RG-Page Number is 1280, so that each successive Current Cell’s text box falls on the next page, but the height of its companion RG-Option and its parent RG-Project is only 120. This is because, again, my Details in the RTE could be one sentence (we’ll perform some work) or many sentences (we’ll perform A, B, and C detailed and itemized work) so I need to set the height to accommodate the least amount of data possible and have it auto-expand as necessary. The Parent RG-Project also has to match that height of RG-Option to avoid having unnecessary blank space on the last page. 2. And currently have the text Page X of Y showing at the top of each page, it didn’t seem to want to work as well at the bottom, but I may just need to play with it a little more.

Also, I wrapped RG-Option and RG-Page Number into the Parent RG-Project:converted to list even though there is always only one project per report because without that step it seemed RG-Option was always pushing RG-Page Number below itself and grouping them together helped them maintain their alignment. Perhaps I could have used a regular group? I don’t know, but it worked for me.

So anyhow, I hope all this detail helps someone else. And, again, thank you for pushing the update to the Plugin that allowed me to do this.


Thanks a lot @accounting glad it helped and worked