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Multi File Uploader

Hello Guys,

I’ d appreciate your comments.

I just bought the Multi File Uploader Plugin but I cant make it to save the files in database. I created a new table for my new files in Bubble and add the field type related to uploads.

Using the inspector I checked the Start from Workflow and chose Bubble Aws.

I tried to set up Create new thing in databse and chose the Multi Uploader File.

Is it becasue Im in free Bubble Account?

Strange thing: In the official Editor Plugin Demo checking the workflow page couldnt find fields associated to database.

Thanks for the support!


I have a similar question. I use a data parser and I can’t figure out how to “extract” the data from the file ie. parse it out?

On my side though to answer your question, I have used another plugin called “data parser” to split my csv file into blocks after my file is uploaded (in the regular bubble uploader).

Appreciate pointers too. Thank you

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Hi guys,

Thanks for reaching out and addressing your questions. Let me provide some insights.

@venditumlatam unfortunately, it seems to be an issue on our side perhaps, but please let our development team investigate and I’ll notify you on this matter as soon as possible.

@lmourasse you could simply use plugin’s states if you’d like to extract its data:


As for your data parser plugin I’m afraid we cannot help with some exact solutions, but you could contact the author in case you encounter some trouble with it, or post your request here https://forum.bubble.io/.

Thanks for understanding.



I’m reaching out with an update. So, in order to be able to save the MultiUploader’s files into your database field, it is important to implement it with the All files uploaded event so it can successfully complete the upload and retrieve all its data that you’d like to save later on.

This event has a bug so our team has managed to fix it. Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try with instructions mentioned above.


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Hello Alex,

I´ll update the plugin and check how it works.
Thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks Alex for looking into it. I figured as well that on my side I needed to put the “file” in the data parser rather than the records, to then let the data parser do its job of opening and parsing the file ah!

Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback.

@venditumlatam sure, let us know if you encounter any other issues.

@lmourasse I’m glad you’ve managed to make it work on your side.