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Multi-uploader Azure Naming Scheme

Hello Hope you are well!

I tried to browse the forum but i couldn’t find my much information on this :slight_smile: (hopefully not too much of stupid/noob question :P)

Im just ocd to when comes to file management, and my files when uploaded are getting a massive number figure placed in front of initial file name. To my best knowledge its not on azure side (but i could be wrong). Is it possible to control this naming?

Thank you for your time, really appreicite it, hopefully its something simple :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Haydn

Hi @haydos99,

Thanks for reaching out and using our products. I’m afraid it is not possible to influence, because Azure doesn’t accept files with the same name, so we added a feature to upload files with a prefix. You are able to upload files with the same name and it doesn’t get overwritten, but there is no way to control this naming, unfortunately.


oh thank you very much for quick response, i assumed that might be the case, is there any way for me to control prefix? example use numbers & letters only 5 characters long to save the godly file name length haha

Hi @haydos99,

Thanks for feedback. Unfortunately, it is not possible to control it at plugin level, because this prefix feature was encoded so you’d be able to upload files with no problems in regards to file naming, but you can easily edit them in your Azure account itself.

However, we’ve taken your feedback into account and will look into future possibilities for improvement if feasible. :pray:


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