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Multi-Uploader (failed to load resource)

Just let you know, from today, this error appear in the browser:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

edit: OS 10.14 with Safari (can’t see the bug in Chrome)

edit2: screenshot in Chrome

@johnmark Hello.

Sorry for the trouble, we’ll look into this and notify here asap
Thanks for understanding.

Hello @Dumitru,

the problem is causing my main page to not displayed always (half the time is ‘this page can’t be displayed’). When I removed the plugin, everything fine. Last error just now:

edit: I must have another plugin also causing it. I have installed the plugin to detect if a connection is lost (from Jarrad), and every minute it popup (from last 2 days).

part II

I’m not sure if I got ‘hack’ or so, but some machine is ‘spoofing’ my development ssl … here’s the code I have every 1-2 refresh. Have you any idea?

can we get access to your app please? ([email protected])

It was a problem with Chrome new update and Bubble node.js compatibility (was affecting two plugins). Strangely, it was not working too in Safari.

“Chrome made some changes to the way their TLS implementation works that caused some issues with node.js; I upgraded node to the latest version, which had a fix.”

Thanks a lot for letting us know! does it work ok now?

It is working now. A lot of people didnt notice this event. :wink:

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