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Multi-Uploader File Types

Hello Sorry for such a simple question again but couldn’t find any current information.

Plugin has been awesome, however I’ve got an issue where i haven’t been able to upload raw format images. Is there only certain files that the uploader can upload?

What i require is full image upload support, so raw formats like, .tiff, .cr2 .cr3 .arw .ne2 .PSD (photoshop format) and all other raw formats, is this possible?
Oh also when i try to upload a raw file, it just sits there spinning on the loading part before the actual upload. (i dont need preview of image)

Also may i request a full list of supported file types? :slight_smile:

much appreciation for any reply.

Hi @haydos99,

Thanks for reaching out. You should be able to upload all sorts of file by using the MultiUploader plugin, because you are able to configure it so it accepts any file types.

You can set it as per our demo where you simply leave the checkbox unmarked and the field empty:

Then give it a try again.


Hey Alex!

Thank you for reply. I do believe i already had set liket hat but i double checked and sadly its still just loading.

These are two example files im trying to upload:

The issue:

Thanks @haydos99 for feedback.

Could you please share a bit more details:

  1. screenshots and/or screencast of your app and plugin setups so we can see all the fields and checkboxes
  2. browser and OS you are using to develop your app
  3. plugin version which you can see in Plugins Tab

We’ll have a better investigation on our side then come back to you with working solutions asap!

Hello Alex!

sorry for late reply. I just made a quick video showing everything, So the only files that didn’t load were raw image types, aka .arw .cr2 and many more there’s like 50-100 different raw image types.

let me know if you need anything else.

Hi @haydos99,

Thanks a lot for this recording. We’ll investigate this problem further and let you know if we manage to fix it asap!


Hi @haydos99,

I’m reaching out with an update. I’m afraid this problem with raw file types might be at library level which our plugin is based on, so there is little we could do on this matter at this point, but could you please upload all of your raw file types examples here again:

Because they were deleted, and we are not able to reproduce your issue on our side, unfortunately. We are receiving an error message saying it does not support this sort of files, but the problem might be in our testing files as well. So it is best if you share the .arw and .cr2 examples, and any others that keep loading on your side with no luck.

Thanks :pray:

hey dude!

i really appreciate you looking into this so much :slight_smile: that’s my fault i think my photographer deleted them, but check here, these wont be moved, and if you need any more file types let me know and ill upload them here:

I dont have all raw image types, so i probs don’t have all test data you need. but from my testing its just been any raw image format, which there are a lot because all the different pro cameras.
I dont know how big of an update and how much labor, but would be absolutely awesome if it can be done, happy to pay or whatever :slight_smile:

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Hi @haydos99,

We have fixed this problem at plugin level. Please do upgrade to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again!

Thanks :pray:

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oiiii sweet as! ill try check it out next day,
If what you have told me is true, you are one hella sexy legend hahah

Cheers dude!

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