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Multi-Uploader Max File Size Uploading Error

Hey Hope you all are well

Just having a workflow issue regarding the multi-uploader plugin.
So my clients upload a lot of files, but i have a file size limit, which is working. Let’s say my clients want to upload some files but one file is too big, it tells them that the file is too big (which is good). however when they start the uploader via a button workflow, the uploader will upload files, but when it gets to the file that’s over the limit it will throw an error and then never finish the upload of the rest. I’ve attached a video to show. But my thought process is it would just skip the file that is over the max limit and continue with the rest of the downloads, otherwise, you need the client to manually to remove each file thats over the max limit? Am i missing a workflow here?


Cheers, for any reply

Hello, @haydos99
Thanks for reaching us.

Unfortunately, you can’t skip the file, which does not match the size.

We’ve taken into consideration the ability to add this feature in the next updates. We need to see how feasible it is to implement.

Thanks for understanding and for your feedback!

Thank you for reply @Ecaterina

Is there a workaround with this? like handling the error to continue the uploader?
Otherwise, i feel like its quite workflow breaking issue

Also im guessing the same for wrong type of file

Hello, @haydos99

The only solution to bypass the incorrect file is to remove it from the download list and start uploading again.
This mechanism will allow you to easily manage your files as they are uploaded.

Unfortunately, there is no other option for ignoring invalid files in this plugin.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Is it something i can pay to be implemented?

Okay, i am functionally running into a big issue now.

So with the uploader, if the file size is too large, and uploader is started via workflow, its not throwing an error for me in bubble.io saying file is too large, so its just sitting there.

Nor when referring to the uploader element there is no variable to tell me if there are files bigger than the limit.

So the issue is, the client can completely ignore the uploader saying the file is too large, and press the upload button to start the uploader via the workflow, which then will run into an error because a file is too big and stops the uploader, however, i cant find an option to respond or even send alert to the user to remove the large files. Am i missing something simple here because otherwise this greatly breaks workflows. I am surprised no one else has mentioned this so im guessing i am missing something

Hello, @haydos99

Allow me to reply to your request in more detail:

As I demonstrated in my screenshot when a file does not meet any criteria (file size or number of files to upload) you can see a comment on the file which says for example “File is too large”.
Allow me to attach it again:
Accordingly, this plugin notifies you that the file is larger than possible.

You cannot start or continue uploading files if you receive a notification that the file does not match.
I would like to point out that you will definitely see an error if you configure this plugin correctly.

We strongly recommend you replicate all settings from the plugin’s Demo Page to set up it correctly: https://bubble.io/page?name=multi-uploader&id=redubleplugins&tab=tabs-1

Please pay your attention to the WorkFlow of this plugin:

If you configure everything exactly as provided on the Demo Page, you will get the result you are asking for and your user will see the file that failed to load.

Hope it will help you.

@Ecaterina thank you for such a detailed reply i really appreciate it.

I check the demo, however the workflow uploader doesn’t have its ‘check file size’ checked, and i cant change it as it’s read-only. Regarding the error handling, i cant see anything on the demo page about that.
Ive created a video again to try to clearly show what i mean, i understand the users can press the ‘x’ to get rid of large files, but the uploader is started by workflow, then there’s no way to stop the client from starting the uploader from what i can tell.

Please check this, i talk in it as well, again could be something simple im missing, but I’ve checked the documentation and demo well before going on the forum.

Hope you understand where i am coming from, and sorry for causing so much trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, @haydos99
Thanks for so detailed video.

We have now definitely captured the essence of your request. Unfortunately, but it is impossible to implement the flow that you requested.

This means that files can only be uploaded if all the files meet the requirements you have selected. The only solution to bypass the incorrect file is to remove it from the download list and start uploading again.

Sorry for this inconvenience.
Best regards,

Awesome :slight_smile: @Ecaterina

The issue is i know whats going wrong, and so do you. However my clients/users are just going to be wondering why its uploading forever (i use a loading popup), and there’s no way for me/my website to let them know that there is an issue with max file size and tell them to remove the files.

Like I’ve got a warning saying make sure no files are oversized. but i know clients will ignore that and start up load and then ill get a bunch of complaints saying the uploading page doesn’t work because its going to be ‘stuck’ on the uploading popup forever.


I dont want to oversimplify it. but is it something where you can add a variable like ‘uploader is empty’, but ‘uploader oversized files’ (as a count), so when this value is above 0, i can make the upload button not clickable, that would solve the issue 100%

Hello, dear @haydos99

Your users will definitely know that their file hasn’t downloaded because the app sends these comments:
These comments are enough for the user to make an attempt to download a smaller file because he sees the comment “File is too large”.

You can create such a complex function, but you will need solid Bubble Skills to make it workable.

Let me propose you check our Zeroqode LAB website, there we have a lot of useful free and paid courses that should be helpful to build your own application: https://lab.zeroqode.com/courses

Many of them, especially those that cover the no-code basic principles are free and will allow you to know more about Bubble platform functionality.

You may start with the Bubble for Beginners Course available on https://lab.zeroqode.com/course/bubble-for-beginners-course-1549860685047x857418658238693400

Your learning progress will be available within your profile on the site, so you always will be able to come back to the point where you previously paused the course.

Also, useful information in this regard you may find here:

Hope it helps.


With all do respect, i dont think your understanding what i am saying.
I can handle the error in bubble, the issue is this plugin isn’t providing any way to receive that error to act apon it.
This isn’t a feature request, i just believe it something that is missing that will cause a lot of issues and broken workflows.

@alexander sorry to bother you dude, can you please give me your opinion, i am happy to pay for your time. again i am happy to pay for the adjustment. i just dont want to waste my time having to learn how to make my own plugin if i can avoid it, for time being. Simply, plugin doesn’t offer any variable for when there is a oversized file in the uploader to stop a workflow from being process/stuck

Hi @haydos99,

Thanks for pinging me. Unfortunately, this is actually a feature request. Since the mentioned state is not part of the plugin as a feature, adding it to the plugin’s state list would mean improving it with an additional feature. My colleague @Ecaterina has provided the right feedback, saying it is a feature request.

I can understand your concerns, but we’ll have to analyse it before implementing, if feasible. Your feedback has been collected to our roadmap feature list. Cannot guarantee estimates, unfortunately, but in case we do publish a new version with this feature - you’ll be notified asap.

Thanks for understanding. :pray:


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okay no worries appreciate both of your help @Ecaterina and @alexander

I do disagree as i believe this is an error/bug with the plugin, but cheers