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Multi-Uploader not initialising correctly

Hi I’m not sure where I have gone wrong with my implementation of the Multi-Uploader. As far as I can tell for a Bubble AWS implementation I don’t need to configure anything out of the box. and yet all I’m seeing it this:

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin.

please use this demo page example and replicate everything exactly like there https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=multi-uploader&id=redubleplugins&tab=tabs-1

Thanks @levon. As far as I can tell they are identical but the problem persists.

how do you initialize the plugin in the workflows?

Apologies, now I understand. Thankyou!


I have been using the plugin for a while and it has all the functionality I have been looking for, so thanks!

However, I have a few issues that you may be able to help me:

  1. Is it possible to initialise the element when the parent element is hidden? If I initialise the plugin before, it does not work. If I wait until it is visible, there is a transition where visible changes are apparent to the user.
  2. On mobile, I can access to the camera upload from the web. However, I do no have access to the camera when using a webview. Any ideas how to fix it?

Hello @albert

Regarding this action not sure I follow, if by element you mean something like a group which contains the multiuploader element when, group element is not visible on page load when initialize action works. However if there is something like a pop-up which isn’t visible the initialize will not work.
Maybe give more details on what you’re trying to achieve, so we could help you better.

Here’s not sure we could help with, have you opened access permissions to use camera and write to storage via respective methods for your webview setup?
Hope this helps.

ZQ Team.

Hi Dimitru,

Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the first question, let me rephrase what I meant. The app has several groups which hide or become visible depending on url parameters. If I initialise the uploader when the group is hidden, it fails to properly upload (although it does not provide any error / warning).

The multi-loader is not initializing for me inside a reusable element. I’m getting this in the console when a workflow attempts to initialize it.

Uncaught ReferenceError: filestack is not defined
at d (eval at m.create_code (x5:15), :3:210)
d @ VM6323

Uninstall/Reinstall did not work either

Hi Jon,
we’ll check this out.

Hi @jon1 we have pushed an updated, please upgrade the plugin version and try again

I am having issues with the multi-uploader not initializing. I have 2 different pop-ups that each contain a multi-uploader. They are set up exactly the same way and I have them set to initialize when the pop-up is opened. One of them initializes fine, but the other just gives me the generic upload button and breaks the workflow I have set up. Why would one work fine and the other not initialize correctly?

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I fixed the issue by deleting and adding it again. Seems to work now.

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Hi @blake!
Thanks for the update on your issue!
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Kind regards,

Hi there,
I’ve been testing with this again and its still not working inside a reusable element with the update.

I’ve taken the following troubleshooting steps, none of which have worked.

  • Uninstalled the plugin, deleted page uploader elements, and re-added
  • Moved my reusable element with the uploader into a new blank page
  • Created a new blank reusable element and put the uploader inside it

There are no errors in the bubble or browser console, however.

hello, @jon1

Sorry for late response, please do check that in plugin proprieties the Initialize from Workflow is unchecked !
By default it is checked.
Give it a try. Thanks.