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Multi-Uploader Plug-in (Bubble) - Upload multiple files/images


I’m doing some tests with the Multi-Uploader plugin for Bubble, however I’m facing some difficulties.

For some reason the plugin is not allowing more than one file to be uploaded at the same time, either by desktop or mobile.

When the file selection window opens, you can only choose one file. In this case, the plugin works fine, and inserts correctly into Bubble’s DB.

Thank you for your guidance. I did not find anything in the forum or documentation.


Hi there,
please check the demo page and docs for this plugin, make sure you reproduce everything as demonstrated.

I’m really having trouble with this plug-in as well. I’ve spent an hour trying to decipher the demo app but it doesn’t help understanding the functionality of what’s going on under the hood.

It would be great to have a brief tutorial on the documentation page explaining what’s going on. The big thing I am confused about is saving the uploads to Bubble’s DB. I notice the Set URL State, but what’s the logic in the demo? Ideally I would like to save individual files to individual things instead of a list of files. Is that even possible?

Also, what is the “start upload” workflow’s purpose?

A recommendation to just copy and paste the demo isn’t helpful when trying to understand the process.


Hello, @joshhowardla

Thanks for feedback, we’ll definitely work on improving the information and documentation for plugin.

Have you tried simply creating a new thing into a database ? It will save the uploaded file in database.

Yes, instead of saving files in a list in new thing, save as single files in new thing. See the action above.

In demo the Set State URL action is used for storing information of the file’s URL on the page which is displayed after upload is done and can be clicked on to display the uploaded image in our case.

This feature is designed for those want to control uploading process from an workflow action. If disabled files will upload automatically, if enabled it’ll require an action in workflow “Start upload a Uploader” under Elements actions.


Thank you. This is a big help. These types of answers should be included in the documentation: remember we use Bubble because we aren’t coders. Thanks again for the help!


Yes, I confirm I have same issue tooo, and the same issue is in plugin demo page:
When you start an upload via workflow, it uploads only one file.
Another (maybe related) issue is that if you uncheck “instant upload” and start and upload via workflow, you get an error.
Can you please help? I love that plugin.

Hello there @patunz, our team will check this issue and I will update you of a matter ASAP.

Thank you for reaching out,

Hello @patunz

Sorry for late reply, we pushed an update to the plugin which fixed the issue.
Please upgrade to latest version, place the element on editor page , refresh the app and give it a try.
Thanks for patience and understanding.


Hi Zeroqode guys, @levon.
I would like this plugin, but before I buy it, need to know if something I need is possible if not, would be optional adding it to the price or could be added to it to the plugin, what I need is when I upload an image save with 75% quality to azure, both of this things are allow, now I need the image to be resized in width to 1920 and height to 1080 and will use ‘containt’ to not to crop any side, and also this is allow. What I am not sure and is the most important feature I would need is that the image to be always 1902x1080 and if is under 1920 in width and/or 1080 in height, this remaining space I need it to be fill up with black color, so the image would have a black frame on the sides if is smaller than 1920, a black frame on top and bottom if is smaller than 1080 and a black frame all around if the images is smaller (width and height) than 1920x1080, always keeping the image in the center of this dimension.

I hope I am clear, and wish you could help me and please.
Thank you so much

@joshhowardla where you able to get the plugin to work properly? I’m really struggling getting this to work. It would be great if Zeroqode (@levon) could create better documentation or a video tutorial. I’ve tried using the demo page and my image doesn’t show up in the database making me believe something isn’t working correctly on the demo page.

Working fine for me, I would ensure you “initialize” the uploader via the workflow… if you dont add that upon page load, it won’t work

What about adding multiple image files to a list of images within a thing? I have tried adding the uploader’s File , but it only adds the last image to the list of images.

Any suggestions?

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Hi @dylan
Thanks for reaching out.
Please let us investigate then get back to you with another reply asap! :pray:

Hello, thanks for your patience.

It is possible to upload a list of flies, using the plugin, but this list of files will be saved into the application File Manager.
If you want to save uploaded files to your specific database table - you can use the “create a new thing” action, but it will work only with one file.
It is not possible to create several database records while saving uploaded files to the Bubble database.

I hope this info will be helpful.


Thanks for the update, @serg !

I will keep looking for the right solution!

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Hello @serg

When using the Uploadcare server, is there anything other to do than just putting the Uploadcare Public Key into the plugin field “Uploadcare Key”? I always get cError and tErrors when I try to upload images. Thanks in advance!

Hi @home, please accept my apologies for such a delayed answer :pray:
Allow me to check your question with the developer team and reply asap.
Thank you for understanding.

Hi @home, thanks for your patience.

Please indicate on the Editor plugins tab, Advanced Multi Uploader, the default key, like in the screenshot, or the key from your own account, this should fix the error.

Also, kindly note that we have pushed a plugin update, that has fixed the issue with text direction.

To check changes, please upgrade your plugin to the latest version (Version 2.49.0: fixed the problem with key loading uploadcare.) and give it a try.

Hope it helps. Please let me know if I can help with anything else :wink: