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Multi-Uploader Plugin File Uploads Enabled = "no" not working

I have a little form where I want to use a dropdown to set a document category when a document is uploaded. In order to ensure that the user selects a category, I have the Uploads Enabled property set to no and then a condition that checks if the value of the dropdown is not empty and then sets File Uploads to yes.

However, it seems that the Uploads Enabled property is never utilized by the plugin as it still allows uploads when set to no.

What am I missing?

Hello, @MikeH
Thanks for reaching us.

I’m afraid that we can not reproduce or investigate this issue without more info. Can you please describe this case in more detail? Please provide us additional information regarding your "Uploads Enabled property " state.

Also, please attach all the necessary info like:

  • Error screenshots from debugger and browser console;

  • Screenshots with your current settings of all plugin elements;

Thank you.