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Multi-uploader Progress Bar Question

Hey, Hope you all are well!
I simply want to show a progress bar so users know how long the upload is roughly going to take, I’ve used the percentage upload on the uploader, however, that’s a per-file basis, is there a way total upload percentage?

Hi @haydos99,

Thanks for reaching out. Please let us investigate with our team then get back with a reply on this matter asap.


Hi @haydos99,

Unfortunately, it uploads and empties the Upload Percent state per-file basis, indeed. It is not possible receive the total upload percentage I’m afraid.

However, we do have another plugin - AWS Uploader - which has a total upload percentage. Are you using the Multi-Uploader with Bubble’s AWS? Perhaps it can serve you as a workaround.

Hope it helps

Thank you for getting back to me!

Hahah i was using aws, but my cloud dude is more comfortable on azure. We are using azure uploading.

Is this something i can pay for feature to be implemented, just like a new state?

Secondly, can i ask is there future plans for this multi-uploader?

Thanks @haydos99 for feedback,

Unfortunately, we do not take custom requests for plugins, but we have taken it into consideration as a future improvement if feasible. Cannot guarantee estimates, but in case we launch an update I’m going to notify you for sure!

As for now, it is only possible to extract the total upload percentage in our AWS plugin.

Thanks for understanding. :pray: