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Multiple Custom State Selections in a Repeating Group

Hi There,

I have a simple repeating group with a group inside the repeating group cell, with text inside the group. When the group inside the repeating group cell is clicked, I’ve used a custom state and used conditionals to change the color of the group to reflect when it’s been changed or not. I’ve gotten this scenario to work.

The issue I’m having is the ability to select/deselect multiple cells with the use of custom states.

I’ve been trying to use the plus item feature, but I’m doing something wrong.

Here’s what I’m doing that works for selecting a single cell. How can I turn this exact scenario to where I can select multiple cells and the colors will change and go away upon what is clicked.

Hello, thanks for reaching out! Let us check this, and get back to you asap. Thanks. Best regards, Vitalie.

Hello again, please check the following information at bubble’s manual for custom states. https://manual.bubble.io/working-with-data/element-custom-states.html#setting-a-custom-state .
I would advise you write on Bubble forum : https://forum.bubble.io/. There you’ll recieve a faster solution regarding the Bubble framework logic. Best regards, Vitalie.