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Multiple templates 1 app domain

Hey all, I’m new to the no-code community. I’ve been a forever user of Wordpress, but I’m wanting to gradually leave and hop on this movement.

I was wondering for the Bubble platform… is it possible for the main domain to have a template (ie: bidster) and then a subdomain community.xyz.com for the (Discoursely) template?

The overall goal is to make everything fluid with the same design that can be converted into a mobile android/iOS app in the future.

Any input would be grateful.

Hello @ian

Thanks for reaching out!
Believe it should be possible to create this , using Bubble.
Here are some references which should be helpful on setting the things on your side:

For general bubble question you could check their documentation resources: https://bubble.io/documentation ; https://bubble.io/reference#Interface
Also you could contact the platform: [email protected]

Hope this helps.


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Thank you very much!

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