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Multipurpose Dashboard

Hello, I am struggling with the multipurpose dashboard and how to use it. Can any provide and training or documentation on how to navigate and customise this template?

Many thanks,


Hello @bentomsouthgate
Thanks for reaching out!

Would you kindly specify the template’s name in which you are working on the dashboard and what kind of problem you have encountered.

Describe it in more details as possible like:

  • describing the issue
  • property editor settings of this template, as well app and workflows
  • the exact steps to reproduce the issue
  • browser and OS version


Hi, @bentomsouthgate

In addition to my previous answer, I want to add, some insights.

If I still understood you correctly and you are working with Headstart - Multipurpose template’s dashboard, would you kindly check templates documentation here for guidance and some important notes.

Also to help you understand the template settings I’d like to suggest you get some Basic Bubble skills for more convenient template managing.

Please take a look at these links:


Or you can check the courses that we have

Hope it helps you :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards, Ola