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MyAlerts! pauses everything from loading on-page first?

Hey there y’all!

We’re having an issue with the MyAlerts plugin (I think it’s called the izitoast plugin in google lighthouse tests?) and it’s showing up on all nucode.co forum post pages.

The content of the BDK Text editor doesn’t load immediately, and it’s the toast plugin blocking everything from loading before that plugin loads.

I still love that toast plugin, but anyway to update so it doesn’t block other elements from loading prior?

Hi, @joe!
Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback!
Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side. To help you better could you please provide a bit more details like steps to reproduce the issue, on what page the plugin is set up, console screenshots and if it’s possible screencast (it would be very helpful). Also, which browser/OS you’re using.

Thanks for understanding! :pray:
Best, Julia.