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myAlerts! plugin - customize icon


I can’t find the icon that the myAlerts! plugin is using in its standard success toast.

I’m using the myAlerts! plugin which is great. I’m customizing my own toast including the icon (by referencing the font awesome name, e.g. fa fa-check-circle) and it’s working well:


However, I’d like to use this thin tick mark instead, which is the one used in the myAlerts!’ standard success toast, but I can’t find the font awesome “fa name” for it. Any idea how i can reference this icon?

Hello @42.decaen,
Thanks for reaching out, we highly appreciate your interest in our products.

In this plugin, icons are an addition. They do not work like all other icons and it is not always possible to display them, unfortunately. Therefore, you can only use the icons supported by the bubble in the custom toast. The mentioned icon is not supported, so it is not available in the list we specified in the documentation.

Apologies for not being able to help and please let me know if I can help with anything else about the plugin. :pray:t2: