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MyAlerts! rework

Hello dear! It’s a call for developers of this plugin.

Could you guys add availability for changing the question alert color and icon?

Hello, @yuriy185000
Thanks for reaching out.

Please allow me to check this question internally. I will revert to you with the feedback at the nearest time :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for the understanding.

However, allow me to recommend you to check the Documentation for the plugin in order to see, how you can customize the alert message now: myAlerts! plugin - Zeroqode Documentation

Best regards,

Hi, @Ecaterina

I already checked it, thx) But didn’t find a suitable solution for me.

BTW if you can add any button interface to custom alert like the question alert, this will fit as well and it would be just awesome

Hi, @yuriy185000

Please allow me to mention that we have tested your default request: changing the question alert icon and icon.

As for the color for any “toast”, it is changed on the Editor:

Can you please elaborate more on this matter? It will help us to investigate our possibilities :pray:

Looking to hear you soon.
Best regards,

Hello, @Ecaterina

The question toast has only availability to change the color of the progress bar, but not of the color of the “toast” itself. It only has the pale yellow color(

And has not an icon change availability as well

Hello, @yuriy185000
Thanks for more additional details.

We will take into consideration the ability to add more options for the customization of each type of notification for future updates. We need how feasible it will be :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately, I can’t provide you any specific timeline for this improvement, but I will revert with a notification on this matter :pray:

Best regards,

@Ecaterina OK, ill wait for your response :handshake:


Hi @Ecaterina,

Has there been any development on this? For instance adding the styles to the styles page? It would be very helpful to be able to change the default styles of the alerts.

Thanks for any info!

Hi @tl1
Thank you for your message and accept my sincere apologies for the delayed reply. :pray:t2:

Unfortunately, there is no improvement for customization options at this moment. Currently, our team is working on tasks divided by the internal priorities and the MyAlerts plugin improvements is a low-priority one.

In order not to mislead you, we cannot set a time frame. However, you can be sure we will let you know when it is updated.

Please feel free to reach us any time you have any questions.



I find this error on my bubble app. Kindly guide me on how to rectify this.

Hi @tech.zengrub,
Apologies for the late reply due to the weekend.

There are two fields (title and message) that need to be specified in the plugin action. We usually get this error message when one of these fields is empty.

If you would like to not use a “title”, as a workaround, you can set opacity to “0”, so it will not be visible. Also, if you use punctuation rather than text, the place where the title is used will not cause a blank space. In this case, you will be able to show only the message. Please see the example below.


In case the issue still persists, please share the details of your setup (screenshots, video recordings). This will allow us to identify any possible cause much faster.

Best regards,