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Native App behaviour when switching between apps on ios

Hey all this is my first post on zeroquode but I’ve been working on my app for around a year and a half on bubble… Don’t judge me, I just spend too much time getting better then revamping everything…
Ultimately, and soon, I want to start distributing it which will mean making it native as it’s meant to be used on an iPad. Before committing to buying the package I am interested in the way the app reacts when switching between it and other apps.
For instance when I save my app to desktop (on iPad) using Safari I can get a pretty close experience to a native app, however if I leave the app even for a second it refreshes the page when I return.
For testing I use a web browser called “frameless” which I highly recommend and I can leave frameless for other apps use my iPad for whatever, switch back to the app a couple hours later and the page is still exactly how I left it.

This capability is pretty important as my app uses the one page method showing and hiding groups to have a multi page effect. Having to get back to where your where before when the page re loads can be tiresome.

Can anyone who has converted to a native iOS (and Android for that matter) tell me if the webwrapper offered by zeroqode has this capability??

Did I post this in the wrong spot??

Hi Chad,

Our app is only for the iOS platform.

If you leave the app and open some other, our app will go in background mode like any other app. iOS will remove the app from the background at any time if there is a need to free the memory.

Because our app is a webview app, it will reload the site from scratch when you open it again.

Best regards

Thanks brommko for the reply

So to clarify your iOS app stays as is unless iOS needs it’s memory in which case it loads reloads the page