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Native solution for Iphone X Screen

Hello @levon & @Dumitru,

I am interested in using your native solution for iPhone and Andriod for my application in the near future - however I am noticing that the apps using your solution in the app store are not full screen on my iPhone X - there is a white bar on the top of the screen (safe area?).

I currently run my app on Safari and use the shortcut saved to my homescreen and have been able to use this in the Seo / Metatags option under advanced settings - script/meta tags in header:

meta name=‘viewport’ content=‘initial-scale=1, viewport-fit=cover’

This allows my app to be fullscreen on the Safari view I mentioned above, but I am wondering if this will be capable through your native solution to avoid this white bar - maybe through xCode?

Thanks in advance!



This is resolved in new version of the app, you can play with that in the config file.

Best regards