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Need help configuring AWS Uploader and my S3 - will pay

Hi there,

I’ve purchased the AWS Uploader and I’ve tried to go through the instructions on how to integrate it with my S3 bucket, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work. I don’t know if I don’t have the S3 integrated correctly with all of the permissions, etc. but the screens that I am seeing on Amazon don’t really match up with the instructions as I believe they have changed.

I really need to get this set up and working and I have been messing with it for 2 days now. Anyone available that can help me get this going?


Hi @underhill.dan,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry for bad experience, the AWS perhaps indeed changed their portal a bit.

Could you please share screenshots and/or screencast of your S3 setups so we can see where the problem is that you encounter? So we can provide working solutions asap.


Thanks @alexandru.rusnac,

Is there a way that I can have someone on your end configure my S3, or schedule a Zoom call to share my screen so you can walk me through everything?


Hi @underhill.dan,

Unfortunately, it is beyond our support services, but what is the exact issue you encounter at S3 setup? You can share a screencast or a couple of screenshots so we can explain.

The idea is that following the exact steps of our docs should help you configure the bucket properly, perhaps the only thing we need to change in our docs is this part:

Because AWS is using JSON instead of XML so far, so here is the code you need to enter and save there:

"AllowedHeaders": [
"AllowedMethods": [
"AllowedOrigins": [
"ExposeHeaders": [
"MaxAgeSeconds": 30000

And simply follow our docs - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/aws-file-uploader-plugin for further steps. But if you need any other clarifications, please share some details of your bucket or our docs so we can help.


Thanks Alex, this part you posted above may have done the trick as it seems that I can save a file to my AWS bucket now. Going forward I’ll probably have more questions but I’m going to play with it for a little while first. Thanks for your help.

Is there a way to modify the style of the plugin’s buttons and header, etc. when the cropping popup opens up?

Also I notice that when the Crop window is open, if I hit the cancel button, it goes ahead and uploads the file anyway. This also happens when I click the X to cancel/close the cropping window. Those two actions should not upload the file anyway. They should close the window without any upload activity.

Hi there, I’m also noticing that when I drag the File Uploader element onto a page there is no button to launch a file upload. It’s like the rectangle is completely blank. When I hover my mouse around I see that it changes to a hand icon and if I click then I get the Crop/Upload popup, but there is no visual cue as to where to click for that. At one point I initially was able to see the button that would launch the Crop Upload popup, but even on new clean pages, the File Uploader is just a blank rectangle with no button.

Is it possible to launch the Crop/Upload popup via a Workflow that I can attach to one of my own buttons?

Thanks @underhill.dan for feedback.

Let me provide insights here.

So in this case these buttons only cancel the Crop, and not the upload itself, because you have chosen to allow image cropping, thus, this window pops up to let you drag your image area, and if you want to cancel it - you just hit the buttons.

You can change the naming so it doesn’t confuse your users. And if you want to cancel the upload, there is a separate logic on this matter, here:


Could you please provide screenshots and/or screecast of your app setups and plugin elements settings (with all fields and checkboxes visible) so we can try to replicate it on our side and see where the possible problem is. Is it just a blank page or a group? Do they have fixed widths? All these details will help us investigate further :pray: