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Need help on setting commission on workflow and update real time

hi i try to do up a commission system and when it count it can only pay it when the user is login how to make it pay even if the user is offline

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Hello, kcwee3!
Thank you for your message.To set up an offline commission payment system in your Bubble app, follow these steps:

  1. Select a Payment Plugin: Choose a suitable payment processing plugin from Zeroqode, like Stripe or PayPal or any other your prefer.
  2. Configure Payment System: Integrate the plugin with your app, including API keys and payment settings.
  3. Create Commission Logic: Use Bubble’s features to calculate commissions for each user.
  4. Use Backend Workflows: Implement server-side workflows in Bubble to trigger payment processes independently of user sessions.
  5. Automate Payments: Integrate payment processing logic in the backend workflow to handle transactions automatically.
  6. Test Thoroughly: Ensure accuracy and security in commission calculations and payment processing.

I hope that this this guide will be useful to you.
Let me know in case you have other plugin-related questions.
Best Regards.