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Need help using the QR Code plugin


Ok, thanks @levon,



@kris hey Kris we have updated the plugin and added event on scan + option to change the successful code detection sound
hope this is helpful
to try, please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version and refresh the browser


Hi there @levon and thanks!

I see the event, but could I ask you to show me a setup of a scanner that scans a QR code and sends the results to a popup? I can display the send data to group but I dont see any logical “what data” to send there.

See screen: 19

(Edit: I changed fron rear to front and then back again and now its not upside down. Bug?) Also, the scanner/camera is upside down on my iPhone rear camera. It’s correct on front facing camera.



Kris, simply chose the qr-bar-code-reader’s result code, in that case you might need to set Popup’s data type to “text” so that there is no conflict. Are you sending it from repeating group? you can also simply assign plugin’s output to a custom state and then refer to that custom state from the popup


@levon Thanks! I think I got something working.