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Need help using the QR Code plugin

Hi there,

I have a QR code creator plugin and your QR code and bar code reader plugin. The app I am trying to make is a kind of stock counting app, where the clients will create their own QR codes for each type of product, set an amount to it and then at a later point scan these printed QR codes and update the amount field.

I’m able to create a QR thing that contains: the QR image(based on label text), a number value for amount and the label itself. Now I want to be able to modify these QR code things when I scan the respective QR code.

When I scan a QR code created from the app I want it to find the matching QR code thing in the database to be able to modify its amount/number value in another workflow. Is this possible?

I also cant display neither the “start camera field view” in a popup or send results of a scan to a popup. Ideally I would like to have the active camera in a popup, then show scanned result in another popup with a field to modify the number value for amount. Then rinse and repeat.

Please help if you can :slight_smile:

yes, this is possible, but it’s difficult to explain the setup by describing. If you setup a page and give access to us we’ll try to show you how to do that

please share some screenshots so we understand the issue better


Hi @levon, and thanks for replying.

I have in some rather confusing manner been able to do some parts of my previous problem with changing amount to the QR thing and also displaying them. I also have tried to make a condition to not show the product if the scanner scans wrong as it has to be in the users QR list of QR codes to show. This eliminates the possible outcome of finding another users QR code and changing his/hers.

If you have a more effective way of doing this, please let me know so I understand how.

The problem I still have is how to show the live camera/scanner in a popup on the same page and do the changes in that popup. I have tried to make a button open a popup and start the scanner/camera in there, but it doesnt show. The data I would like to show in the popup is the scanner, and when the scan completes successfully, the popup closes and another popup opens with the group on the left showing the results with ability to change the amount and some tekst details of the product.

Here is the editor: I have changed everything into english so you easily understand it better.


Hey Kris,
we’ll check the scanner working in a popup, and i’ll update here
thanks a lot

Hi again @levon

Did you find out anything about the scanner working in a popup?


I was just going to write you about this, it works in a popup for us, can you give us access to your app so we can check?


Can you use this app?

we can but we need login and password for preview

User: u
Pass: 1


Perhaps the most important question I now have is, is it possible to send the result of a scan to a popup as well? To describe my mission a bit more: the scanner scans a QR code, and then a popup opens with the data corresponding to that QR code and I can here in the popup change a value and save it to the database.


yes, that’s relatively easy

I’m very curious to know how, I cant do it by the regular actions I find on this. Could you please share your solution? :slight_smile:


Our dev checked your app, the plugin seems to be on the page and you simply send the output to the popup already. So seems like everything working for you?

I cant wrap my head around how to send that output to a popup to make it open only when the scan is valid and complete.

we’ll add this as an event, so you can trigger the workflow only when the scan is valid and complete

Thanks! But do you mean in the plugin or the app I shared?


it will be in the plugin

Aha, thanks! :smiley:


Hi again, @levon.

Do you have an ETA for when this will be inlcuded into the plugin? Going to show the client a prototype of the app soon.

not sure, Kris, maybe around a week (more or less)