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Need Help with folder’s structure

Hello. So I am making a folder system. I need all the attached files (that are uploaded on another page called “Daily Logs”) to automatically store themselves in a folder in the folder system called “Attached Files”. I need to let also the user to make new folders (by clicking a button called “New Folder”) and near the folder’s name, there will be a button called “Upload file” and then the uploaded file will be stored in the newly created folder. So I just began with the “Attached files” folder but it is not listing the uploaded files.

I know there are mistakes but I can’t identify them. If anyone can help me or point me in the correct direction, that will e great. Thanks in advance!

P.S. if anyone wants the editor link, tell me.

Any help is appreciated! @kate
Thanks in advance!

Hello, @markhallak. Apologies for the late reply :pray:

Unfortunately, I can not provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create the things you want or to do it for yourself. Apologies for this.

But I can give you some tips instead.

For example, study our course Marketplace like AirBNB - there you can find a useful guide on how to set the database and retrieve the data from it to the page:

I suppose you are needed to check the manuals on such elements as a group and repeating group:

And, perhaps you can ask for the help of this user. I guess she has got the help on exactly the same question, as you:

This forum post can be useful for you too, please check:

I hope this helps :pray:

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