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Need help with login

Hi there, everything is fine with the template but the users are automatically logged out of the website. Hence this is a social networking platform i need assistance in keeping the users stay logged in. I tried stay logged in checkbox and also the template logged in also not working.
Please help me out with instructions.
Template : nextdoorly

Hello @mergefy

Please check this post - https://forum.bubble.io/t/video-tutorial-how-to-keep-users-logged-into-your-app/71672
which should help you create the right workflow for your application and keep users logged in.
Thanks for understanding.


@Dumitru Hi, i tried and followed each and every step. Works perfect when i use sign up. After sometimes stay logged in not working. They’re getting logged out. Please guide me.


You could try post in that thread and try out to tag the OP to help you with that.
Also for question about Bubble try find solutions using bubble forum: https://forum.bubble.io/
Also there are general bubble documentation video tutorials which show how to setup the workflow for login/signup - https://bubble.io/lessons

Alternatively you could open a bug report: https://bubble.io/bug_report , maybe it’s a bug on their end.

Hope this helps :pray: