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Need help with my app

Hi, I am new here. When I started to use bubble, I realized that I need to use plugins to make my life easier. I found many useful zeroqode plugins, but I couldn’t find any plugins that may help with the following questions. I am hoping that someone from the forum can help me. I wanted to do the following without any plugins. I want to challenge myself but I need your help. I am no coder and I have no experience in bubble. Please be patient with me. I tried to look for answers for my questions but I didn’t understand/ didn’t get it. That’s why I am asking from you to help me and please give me instructions so I can get everything right.

Can someone tell me IN STEPS please:

  1. I need to create a page that is like this. I think I know how to do some things in general but I am not sure 100% and I don’t know what to do after I added a button. I need to make sure of what I am doing. (My Priorities: 1. The uploaded files to be viewed like this with the icon above the file name and a download button below it 2. I select who can view them)
  2. How can I create a popup like this after I click on the “New daily log” button? (Priorities: To input Text (the “Notes” section) and the creater of the log can change the permissions of who can view and edit the log (I would like to achieve this by using the account’s email)

    And of course a “add attachments” button so the creator can upload files to the log being created.
  3. How can I let only a chosen user to see the “new daily log” button?
  4. How can I from an admin dashboard that I create specify the permissions of a user (If he can be a creator (he can add daily logs, edit or delete) or a normal user that can only view the daily logs? I need the creator to override the permissions of a normal user and choose if he can see a specific log.

I really appreciate any help I can get. I know this may be silly or any user should know how to do this but as I said before I am new here. The forum is to help people and the people who got help can help other people and so on. I really appreciate any help from the community and I hope I get the answers I need.

Thanks in advance!!

Hello, @markhallak. Thanks for reaching out.

Let me please check what can be done, in accordance with your questions. I will prepare the answers and get back to you right after I have any useful info.

Thank you for your patience :pray:

Hello, @kate. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate your will to help me. I will wait gladly with patience.

Thanks in advance!

@markhallak, thank you for vaiting.

Before start creating an app on Bubble, I’d like to recommend you get some basic Bubble skills. It will help you on the process and save a bit more time.
Please study these references.

Would you kindly take into consideration, that I can not provide you with the step-by-step guide on how to recreate a page on its screenshot. Apologies for this, but I suppose you may understand my position and its reason.
Anyway, I can give you some general tips for your questions. Please take a look.

  1. Page: the list of uploaded files and Viewed by option .
    First of all, it will be useful for you to divide the page into the sections (groups) and define what elements are placed on it. (Please study the provided list of tutorials/courses in order to obtain necessary skills): https://prnt.sc/sjraze
    Then, when the visual part will be completed, you will need to adjust workflows and actions for some specific elements.

  2. Popup: how to create.
    You may find useful this forum reference (how to create a popup): https://forum.bubble.io/t/how-do-i-make-a-pop-up/18812/6
    It is needed also to divide the popup into the sections (groups) and define each element its type/potential functionality: https://prnt.sc/sjrjnr

  3. Visibility conditions of the element (button “new daily log”).
    Create a button, remove the checkbox of the “This element is visible on page load”: https://prnt.sc/sjrweq
    Create an admin field within your Users table: https://prnt.sc/sjrydv
    Set a condition, which will define for what user thus button will be visible: https://prnt.sc/sjrxp1
    Note : to test this, you need to have at least 1 record in the All Users table.

  4. Admin Dashboard with the special permissions.
    To find out info on User Management, please check our course:

Please try to get at least Basic Bubble skills before starting to build an app - it will be much easier for you to proceed this, with some pieces of knowledge :pray:

I hope my reply will be useful for you.

Hello @kate, thank you for your reply. I did take the bubble lessons and when I face a problem I retake a lesson that I think will solve my problem but the lessons are so in general. They don’t always come in handy. I will look into the references that you added. I am actually using your free template Tasky PM and I will hopefully use your paid plugins to make my app better. Again thank you for your time. You have amazing customer support and great forum where the beginners can go to in case they have questions.

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Thank you for your kind words :pray:
If there any question will appear, please feel free to ask us or Forum community :slight_smile: