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Need help with Zeroqode Google Embedder in Bubble

Hi @Zeroqode community and @alexandru.rusnac!

I purchased the Zeroqode Google Embedder plugin in Bubble
I noticed different behaviors between the embedded Google Doc page vs the "native’ Google Doc page regarding accepting/rejecting comments.

Screenshot 1 : Google Doc page embedded in Bubble with the Zeroqode plugin
No option to accept/reject comments

Screenshot 2 : “native” Google Doc page
Option to accept/reject comments

Additional information:

  • Both pages display the same Google Doc (in my Bubble page, the Good Doc id is retrieved via URL parameter doc_id - see screenshot URL)
  • In both cases, the same Google user is logged in so that permissions are identical. This user has the required permissions to accept/reject comments (as you can see in the “native” Google Doc page)

Any idea or suggestions to enable accepting/rejecting comments in the Zeroqode Google Embedder?

Many thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi @PantoGraph,

Thanks a lot for these details! Please let us investigate it with our development team and get back to you asap. A ticket has already been opened so we are in progress to identify the reason.


@PantoGraph could you please share what kind of document permissions you grant and any users or scenarios you have, because we are having a bit of different functionality of comments, meaning we are not able to accept/reject the comments per se, but only mark them and edit:


So we can proceed with our investigation!

Hi @alexandru.rusnac , thanks for your update!

I further investigated this topic and found out that there is a difference in Google Docs between:

  1. Regular comments
  2. Comments coming from a suggestion made in a Google Doc

Bubble page with Zeroqode Google Embedder

"Native" Google Doc

In both cases, these pages are viewed by the same user so permissions are identical - but Zeroqode deals differently with comments coming from a suggestion (no option to accept/reject comment) compared to a “native” Google Doc page (option to accept/reject comment).

Additionnal information :

  • In this example, the page is viewed as a Commenter (permission). But the same problem occurs when this page is viewed as a Writer (permission)
  • Permissions are created with an API call (using Integromat) using following roles : reader, commenter, writer, owner (see Google Doc API documentation here : https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/ref-roles)

Please let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

Hi @PantoGraph,

Thanks a lot for your hints!

We made a deeper investigation with our development team, and these 2 type of comments indeed have their own differences. We tested the suggested comments with our plugin and I’m afraid it is not possible to have a solution at this point, because it is an iframe and there is no way to accept or reject suggested comments, unfortunately.

We’ve certainly collected your feedback to work on plugin improvements in future updates if feasible, but this is not a plugin bug but just a limitation. I’m afraid we cannot guarantee a timeframe but if you want I can notify you as soon as there is any solution to this limitation.

Thanks for your understanding. :pray:

Hi @alexandru.rusnac , thanks for you feedback :slight_smile:

Your plugin seems to deal very well with rejecting/accepting regular comments - despite iframe constraints (see screenshot)

–> Wouldn’t it be possible to extend this feature to comments coming from a suggestion?

–> Alternatively, does the Zeroqode Simple Iframe work differently?

That would be a huge help for my team :pray:

Hi @PantoGraph,

Thanks for feedback. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the iFrame plugin either. We just tested it and with no luck I’m afraid.

We’ll certainly consider it as a possible improvement in future updates if feasible, but for now it is only possible to use the regular comments with both plugins.

By the way, you can locate our plugins here https://zeroqode.com/plugins as well, and most of them have Live Demo apps you can test and check the editor as well, before purchase.


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