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Need help with ZQ Rich Text Editor


I’m really enjoying the ZQ Rich Text Editor and the powerful functionality it brings.

I’ve run into what I believe is a bug - was hoping someone can help me out.
The problem is that when I’m using the Lite editor, it creates a whole bunch of extra space that’s unused and pushes all the rest of the components down. This is not a problem is display mode or full mode, just in lite mode. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

The other thing I’m trying to figure out is if I can customize the font & font size in display only mode. Right now the settings don’t seem to affect it in “display only mode”

Hello @michaelchang516

We’ll check out the issues you’ve encountered and offer an update asap. Though it may take some time.
Thanks for understanding and patience.

Zeroqode Team.

Hi @michaelchang516

We pushed an update with fixes:

  • Fixed height bug for Lite mode
  • Fixed customize font & font size for display only mode (will get it from Default font & Default font size settings)

Please upgrade to the latest version of plugin, refresh the page and give another go.
Thanks for patience and understanding.

ZQ Team.

I think your fix broke the auto size on lite mode. I.e the background shrinks rather than expands.

Press enter or enter text the background resizes up rather than down.

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Hello, @omar

Could you please provide more details, like app setup, screens and video of issue?
Thanks for understanding.


@Dumitru Yes, the Lite mode now has a bug where the height of the container actually collapses (instead of expands) as the user adds more content. This renders long-form content in lite-mode completely broken.

@chris1 Hello!

Could you provide more details: video/screenshots , which version of plugin you’re using, browser, OS, steps to reproduce the issue. Thanks for understanding.

(no content in Lite Mode)

(some content in Lite Mode)

(on changes, content area keeps shrinking)

The blue box represents the RTE element itself. It has a background color.
I’m on a Mac using the latest Chrome build.

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hi, we have pushed a fix, please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh the page and give it a try

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