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Need help with ZQ Rich Text Editor



I’m really enjoying the ZQ Rich Text Editor and the powerful functionality it brings.

I’ve run into what I believe is a bug - was hoping someone can help me out.
The problem is that when I’m using the Lite editor, it creates a whole bunch of extra space that’s unused and pushes all the rest of the components down. This is not a problem is display mode or full mode, just in lite mode. Can someone help me out? Thanks!


The other thing I’m trying to figure out is if I can customize the font & font size in display only mode. Right now the settings don’t seem to affect it in “display only mode”


Hello @michaelchang516

We’ll check out the issues you’ve encountered and offer an update asap. Though it may take some time.
Thanks for understanding and patience.

Zeroqode Team.


Hi @michaelchang516

We pushed an update with fixes:

  • Fixed height bug for Lite mode
  • Fixed customize font & font size for display only mode (will get it from Default font & Default font size settings)

Please upgrade to the latest version of plugin, refresh the page and give another go.
Thanks for patience and understanding.

ZQ Team.


I think your fix broke the auto size on lite mode. I.e the background shrinks rather than expands.

Press enter or enter text the background resizes up rather than down.


Hello, @omar

Could you please provide more details, like app setup, screens and video of issue?
Thanks for understanding.