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Need professional help to get my app to the finish line for playstore publishing

Hi guys,

I need help. I’m using the android native app converter but unfortunately it hasn’t been smooth sailing.
Right now, i’m stuck because i’m unable to change the compiled sdk & build tools version.

I really need an expert who can help me get to the finish line and successfully publish my app.
I’m encountering lots of difficulties and i need professional assistance to get me through this.

Is there someone who can take over this?
Is there someone i can hire for this?

Your prompt reply is greatly appreciated.

Hello, thanks for reaching out, I have asked our developer to send you a private message. You should hear from them today hopefully

Thank you for the prompt reply my friend. You’re awesome.

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Please, can you contact me on private email [email protected]

You have to update your android studio to latest SDK and just change two numbers in build.gradle.
For publishing app on play store, you have to change the package name.

Best regards

Thank you levon for reaching out to me. Really appreciate it.

Thank you sir for reaching out to me promptly. Really appreciate it.