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Need some help -- PDF Converter Plug in

Just subscribed to the PDF converter.

My use case involves:

  1. user signup where user checks boxes to agree and then inputs their name (instead of a signature)
  2. I want to send them a PDF containing a multipage terms of service with their name, date, etc. showing inside the PDF

I created a “terms page” from which I want to create (and email) the PDF to the user. User will not need to navigate to the “terms page” (at least this is my preference).

Not sure how to get the plugin to convert the content of the “terms page” without navigating there - can anyone help?

Hi Jagdish,
thanks for the question
unfortunately because the plugin is built using client side code the user has to be on the page in order for the pdf to be created. The server side code is still under beta and we can’t use it yet, once it’s fully available then we’ll be able to update the plugin and then any page will be convertable to pdf even without visiting.

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Thank you for the reply Levon. I kinda guessed since there was no field to enter a different URL. Look forward to seeing an update down the road.

Great work by you and your team on all your plug ins and templates.


Thanks a lot, appreciate the kind words!