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New Audio Player update


Hi @levon

I just installed the new audio player update but the track length and time remain options don’t work for me, and they’re ‘text’ variables instead of ‘number’.




Hi John!

I don’t seem to get the point to evaluate the track length and remaining time as number variable, but we’ll check this out.
As text, it can’t be used? I believe you’re using for formula extraction as number.



Yes, to evaluate the length recording of ‘audio recording’ plugin. Right now, it returned a empty value.


Hi @Dumitru

I tried this morning the new update. Do you have a working demo? From my side, the player show a 0 value.


Hi @johnmark

We pushed the update, now should be live. Please upgrade to latest version, refresh the app and give it a go!

Demo page: https://zeroqode-demo-05.bubbleapps.io/audioplayer



Hi @Dumitru

It works for tracks. Remaining still showing empty for me.

update: error message



Hi. John.

Sorry for this happening. We’ll double check it and see things through.
Bear with us, thanks for understanding.



Hi John,
We added two states, one of them contains the length of the audio file, and the other one contains the time left to the end of playback. Both values are stored in seconds time unit.
Please give it a spin


Hi Levon,

This is great, thanks.