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New parameter to OpenNode plugin for Bubble.io

Hey @Dumitru and team,

For the OpenNode plugin that you have kindly setup in Bubble.io, would it be possible to have another parameter added to the ‘Create Charge’ POST function? It would be great if you could include a ‘success_url’ parameter to the current list. This is what the current selection looks like:

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 1.44.37 pm

I imagine that it would look something like this in the Bubble.io plugin page once the change has been made:

If you would be able to reflect this change it would be greatly appreciated :).


Hey @blue.caddie
thanks for the message.
unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to priorotise this right now but because it’s a free plugin, you can fork it and create your own private plugin adding the required calls.
Makes sense?

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Makes sense.

Thanks for the quick response @levon much appreciated.

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